3 Things We've Learned Starting The Misses Ambitious Podcast

Hey y'all! Kiley here; one-half of The Misses Ambitious team. I am so excited to be talking with you guys on the eve of our first business-focused episode, all about making your "splash moment." 

If you're totally confused about what I mean by that, you should definitely listen to Episode #3. But, if you want the short version: think of it as your 'point of no return.' Or, that moment when *ish* gets real, and you know there's no turning back. In Episode #3, Blaine and I discuss our splash moments, whether they were financial investments, or other types of sacrifices. We also try to provide some suggestions for you if you're feeling confused about how you can begin taking yourself seriously. We all need a little kick in the butt sometimes!

But I'm not here to give you a synopsis of our latest episode. I'm here to let you in on the behind-the-scenes of the podcast! And since we've just made our podcast 'splash moment,' here are 3 Things We've Learned Starting The Misses Ambitious Podcast.

1. You CAN make big things happen in a short amount of time. 

Blaine and I still can't believe how quickly this podcast has come together. But, I think that's what happens when you know something is 'right.' Yes, it's taken a ridiculous amount of time spent talking with iTunes and Squarespace customer service, learning new podcast vocabulary (have you ever heard of an RSS feed or an AAC File? Us neither.), and a crash course in recording and editing, but we did it. And we are pretty dang proud of the product!

2. You improve just a little, every time you 'do the thing.'

It might sound a little over-confident, but we impress ourselves more and more with each episode we record. It's incredible how quickly we have gone from a million 'ums' and getting caught up on our words, to not editing a single thing. While we are excited about our progress thus far, we recognize how far we still have to go. But isn't it exciting to know that practice really does make progress?

3. You are probably more capable than you realize.

For two podcast junkies, Blaine and I thought having a podcast was a crazy pipe dream that only super established, rich, technology-savvy business owners and celebrities could have. But guess what? We had all the tools at our finger tips, and, it turns out... starting a podcast can be relatively cheap if you're willing to do a little extra grunt work. What is the crazy pipe dream you wish you could achieve? Chances are your dream can be a reality with some research, goal-setting, and hard work. 

Obviously, we've learned so much more than just these 3 things, but we'll save all the other stuff for later! For now, we're celebrating every #smallvictory and soaking in the excitement of our brand new endeavor.