5 Questions About Misses Ambitious

1. What is the Misses Ambitious Podcast about?

We, Kiley and Blaine, have been dreaming big for a very long time. This podcast is for others who have the same #girlboss attitude towards living life, but don’t necessarily have someone to share it with. Feeling like the life is being sucked out of you at your corporate job, or not feeling like you are fulfilling your purpose in life is the worst. Us girls are taking a leap into the audio world and we’re bringing you along for the ride! We will learn and grow together. We’re often each other’s personal cheerleader when it comes to small business dreams, and with every episode, we want you to feel like you have a personal cheerleader in your corner too! Think of us as your confidence coaches. It’s our intention to take you through our ups and downs, as they happen, so you can see the process from our perspective, and make the leap yourself!

2. Why did you decide to start a podcast?

One day out of the blue, I, Kiley, texted Blaine and proposed the idea. We have all of these conversations in private every day, why not share these important topics with others that are going through the same things we are? There was very little ‘thinking’ before we put it into action because something about it just seemed ‘right,’ and it’s been such an organic and quick process. We’re on the same wavelength about SO many things, and we hope to connect with as many listeners as possible and grow a great big community.

3. What kind of topics will you discuss?

Starting a small business presents new challenges every 5 minutes, it seems. We have a lot of great ideas and are thinking of new ones every day! We will talk about topics such as: how to stay confident in your vision, how to combat loneliness when you work from home, how to save money in both biz and personal life, what it’s like to put yourself out there, how to network, and the list goes on...

4. What are your personal small businesses, Kiley and Blaine?

Blaine: I have a Masters degree in Health Wellness and Human Performance and I am starting a Health and Wellness consulting business, called Ms. Fitfood. Working with gyms in the area where I live as a nutrition and training consultant, doing online programs and working with remote clients, doing some guest lectures on health education and eventually working with people who struggle with different types of eating disorders!

Kiley: I’m still figuring all of this out. On the surface, I am a brush-lettering artist and blogger, but in my daily life, I also dabble in graphic design, brand photography, and, soon, I’ll be a ‘teacher’ when I release my upcoming online course. But in all of these things, the thread that connects them is ‘creating things for others to enjoy and/or to learn from.’ My ultimate hopes are to create a business centered around style-discovery and exploration of the individual lettering artist’s style. I love that the lettering community is so big and growing every day, but I think there’s a little too much homogeneity, and it is my mission to change that!

5. Describe the ‘vibe’ of Misses Ambitious

We both want this to be a bright and happy, cheerful place to come. Don’t worry, we are going to keep it real with you--no sugar-coating or glossing over the tough stuff. But when we get real, we’ll probably also be laughing about it. Never ever do we want you to finish listening to our show and be overwhelmed, discouraged, or feel behind in your own plan.  We want our listeners to feel refreshed, motivated, and excited about what their future holds; to know that they can kick butt and take names.

If you have a question about the podcast, please feel free to leave a comment below or to reach out to us here. To learn more about the individual voices behind the microphone, check us out here, where we each answer some more questions!

The Misses Ambitious Team